Willowbrook Painting Contractor

Prepping for a paint job is a necessity. In order to protect the various items in a home, it is very important to take the time to properly prep for any paint job no matter how large or small. Whether performing a do-it-yourself paint job or a professional house painting, prepping is essential. The following are some tips that can help those in the Willowbrook area with the paint prepping process.

Before panting a room, it is best to remove all items. While some people like to cover their furniture and other goods with large pieces of protective plastic, there is still the chance that paint and debris could fall on the items. Thus, to avoid this possibility all together, moving items out the room to be painted is recommended. If this option is not possible, please do make sure to cover all items as thoroughly as possible to avoid any damage.

Masking an area for painting is recommended as it ensures that surrounding areas are not painted and it provides straight lines. The method is easily done with painter’s tape that can be obtained from a local hardware store. Many people have a problem making straight lines with their paint brushes which is why masking tape is so useful. This tape is also useful for protecting cabinets and window sills from paint coverage. It is best to remove the masking the tape before the paint fully dries to avoid pulling the paint away from the surface.

Last but not least, protecting the floor is imperative. Using a heavy piece of plastic is highly recommended as it very difficult to remove paint from most flooring. Paint on carpet can be an extreme headache to remove and removing paint from hardwood floors and tile can result in unsightly paint smudges. Taking the time to thoroughly cover all the floors before performing any painting job will prevent floor damage caused by paint spills.